Meade LXD55 8" Schmidt Cassegrain
Focal ratio f/10
Focal length 2000mm
German equatorial mount
Autostar GO TO controller
Rikaline StarGPS-LX GPS Receiver
Everything is stock-standard, with no modifications.

Canon EOS 300D (Rebel) Digital SLR (unmodified)

I do all my image capture straight onto my Apple Macintosh G4 Titanium laptop using the Canon RemoteCapture software. I capture the image sequences using the Interval Timer Shooting option. This limits me to 30 second exposures. I also use an application I wrote myself for displaying interactive previews of the images being captured. This greatly assists me in focusing with the use of a home-made Hartmann mask. I do my focusing by hand.
I use Lynkeos for my image stacking, and Photoshop for any other image adjustments.